Forge Map Scale

A designer's guide for scaling objects within forge maps


This page references grid sizes to standardize the scale of objects in the forge. Use the Design Grid material with objects in your level design to visually measure within forge while blocking out the level in the early stages of your design. 1 square = 1 unit in forge size measurement.

Example Object properties for : Primitive Block

MP Grid

Tip: You can **** use MP design objects to get preset objects with this grid by default**. But keep in mind that the grid for those objects are doubled (2:1). Meaning 1 grid square is actually 4x4 units**

MP objects in Object BrowserComparison to primitive design grid

Player estimated movement velocity

GridMeters per second

Base Movement

7.6 m/s


8.6 m/s (13% faster)

Slide Slope velocity

~15 m/s

Player Movement speed by seconds

Measured distance table

Movement Token: This guide uses a standardized classification system of movement that can be used when determining how you want players to move in a space. This will help answer how to layout the map for questions like: "Does the player need to sprint between cover?" "How far should obstacles be between opposing sides?"

Grid units traveled: the result of forge grid units it took to travel for the indicated time in seconds. units are rounded up to the nearest unit of 4 to keep easy, memorable units of measurement for designing levels.

Time: units are measured by standard units of seconds to allow for conversion into distance traveled measured by forge design grid

Why measure this way? It allows designers to use these measurements as shortcuts to determine arena sizes, hallways, and other common patterns in level design with movement in mind.

Movement tokenTimeGrid Units traveled

Base walk

1 sec


Walk (Short)

2 sec


Walk (Medium)

4 sec


Walk (Long)

8 sec


Base Sprint

1 sec


Sprint (Short)

2 sec


Sprint (Medium)

4 sec


Sprint (Long)

8 sec


Player Verticality standards

Vertical Base Units (Z)

Vertical Grid unitNotes




Spartan Knee height


Spartan head height


Max Jump without climb


Max Ledge grab (Climb)


Average Base door clearance


Default Wall height

  • Keep ground objects <1 to avoid blocking walk movement

  • Keep jumping obstacles < to allow jumps without climbing ledge

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