Light Probe Marker

A manually placed Light probe volume. Within this volume will be air probes which will contribute to your indirect lighting. A good example to use this is for Caves, Interiors, Bunkers or to get high density probes in a small location. This can be used in combination with the Level Bound Volume (which is just an automatic volume placed).
Only 1 can be manually placed
Light Probe Marker Properties
Property Name
Adjusts Width
Adjusts Length
Adjusts Height
Probe Spacing
The Horizontal and Vertical distance between generated probes. Smaller spacing will have more accurate bounce results but longer build times.
Display's the volumes objects boundary.
Predicted Probe Count
The amount of probes that will be generated when building lighting. This is shared between the Light probe Marker object and the Level Bound Probes. More probes mean longer build time and exceeding the budget will prevent lighting from building.